Herb, Illumicare’s adjustable brass path and area light, adds safety and functionality to any outdoor living space.

With an adjustable lamp base, Herb offers a wide area light to help accent walkways, plant beds, path borders and even stairs. His clear glass lens protects the lamp and socket from water, moisture and debris.

By allowing for numerous beam spreads, Herb’s adjustable settings give maximum design flexibility when choosing the perfect area and path light to grow with your design.

Herb is especially helpful in lighting changes in elevation, such as steps and deck edges, as well as highlighting plant beds, shrubs and flowering plants.

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Construction: Solid Cast Brass with Expandable Stem
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs
  • Finish: Weathered Red Brass
  • Shroud: Quick Lock with Set Screw Wire: 36” 18/2 UL Rated Lead Wire
  • Socket: Beryllium Copper, G4 Bipin Socket, pre-greased
  • Wattage: Maximum 20 Watts
  • Lens: Glass lens
  • Mounting: Brass Stake Included
  • Lamp Not Included

Download our Herb Info Sheet