Illumicare Group Limited Adds Holiday Lights and Accessories to Outdoor Lighting Collection

LED Holiday Lights

Illumicare Group Limited Adds Holiday Lights and Accessories to Outdoor Lighting Collection

Newmarket, ON – November 16, 2011 – Illumicare Group Limited today announced the addition of professional grade LED holiday lights and lighting system controls to accompany its current LED lamp, outdoor fixture and multi-tap transformer product lines.  The new line of holiday lights and accessories include 5mm mini LED strands in multiple colors, C6 warm white strands, C9 stringers and replacement LED bulbs, illuminated garlands, heavy duty outdoor extension cords, outdoor mechanical timers, strand mounting clips, a yard stake timer with 6 outlets and a photocell control, outdoor digital timers and a controller for alternating dancing lighting effects.

Recently, the landscape lighting industry has seen an increase in the number of homeowners who hire professional landscape lighting installers to decorate their homes with energy efficient, long lasting LED strands and garlands.  LED bulbs are virtually indestructible, last up to 70,000 hours, and feature a 0.5% failure rate, which means installers and homeowners can avoid changing bulbs in inclement weather where climbing ladders and balancing on rooftops could cause safety risks and increase holiday-related injuries.

“Adding an LED holiday lighting line was a natural progression for Illumicare,” said Bob Golden, Senior Manager of Illumicare Group Limited. “Decorating with LED strands gives homeowners the opportunity to reduce their holiday lighting energy use by more than 80%. A typical strand of 50 incandescent bulbs uses 250 watts and an equivalent 100-bulb LED strand uses less than 60 watts. With LED technology, installers can run more strands per circuit, which means home owners can enjoy more brilliant lighting with less wire and extension cords ruining the overall effect.”

As well as professional grade holiday and special occasion lighting, Illumicare Group Limited offers the only full line of LED landscape lighting that utilizes a fully-stepped LED IC driver and unique thermal control ensuring each lamp is capable of operating at temperatures well below the heat specifications of most current leading LED chips, even when sealed inside weatherproof fixtures.

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