Illumicare Develops 120 Lumen LED G4 Bi-pin Lamp with Rotatable Pin Base

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Illumicare Develops 120 Lumen LED G4 Bi-pin Lamp with Rotatable Pin Base

Illumicare Group Limited, a manufacturer of high-performance outdoor LED lighting technology for the landscape lighting industry, released its 15-watt equivalent LED G4 bi-pin lamp with a rotatable pin base today.

Specifically designed for outdoor niche and deck lighting applications, in which the lamp must be diminutive and directional, Illumicare’s wafer-style LED G4 bi-pin lamps offer unmatched light output and operating temperatures well below the heat specifications of most current leading LED chips, even when sealed inside weatherproof fixtures.

In landscape lighting designs, outdoor deck and niche fixtures often offer little clearance for inserting or positioning bulbs. Traditionally, Q15 G4 bi-pin halogen bulbs are used to accommodate the small space of these types of fixtures. The small, clear bulbs were hot to the touch and offer limited illumination in the small spaces within enclosed fixtures. In recent years, wafer-style LED lamps were introduced offering a compact size with high efficiency light output, but their directional illumination was often wasted because of improperly positioned fixture sockets.

Illumicare’s new LED G4 bi-pin lamps (LED BP SIDE) offer 45-degree vertical rotation of the bi-pin base. Currently, it is the only wafer-style LED lamp that can be adjusted to accommodate any socket orientation. The LED BP SIDE lamp replaces a typical halogen Q10, Q15 and Q20 bulb, operates below 40°C (104°F), and produce between 120 and 130 lumens in a 3000 Kelvin (halogen equivalent) color temperature. All of Illumicare’s LED BP SIDE bi-pin lamps carry a 4-year warranty and a 35,000-hour service rating.

“Our rotatable LED BP SIDE lamp solves one of the biggest issues that designers and installers have had with the new wafer-style G4 LED lamps – positioning the lamp so the LED chips are aimed directly at the lens to ensure optimal light output,” said Bob Golden, Senior Manager of Illumicare Group Limited. “It’s just one of many innovative products, such as our full line of LED miniatures and IP68-rated LED PAR36, which Illumicare has developed and introduced to help our customers solve their most challenging lighting design issues.”

Illumicare’s rotatable base G4 bi-pin lamps offer the same features as its popular MR16 and miniatures lamps, including:

  • Easy drop-in replacement of inefficient halogen and incandescent lamps
  • Color temperatures to enhance plant materials and provide a natural ambiance
  • Fully-sealed housing to protect LED chips from moisture damage

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