Illumicare Releases Brighter LED T5 Wedge Lamp

LED 19MM T5 Wedge Brighter

Illumicare Releases Brighter LED T5 Wedge Lamp

Due to increased demand and application-specific feedback regarding output requirements, Illumicare has developed a brighter, more efficient LED T5 Wedge lamp. The LED 19MM T5 WEDGE miniature lamp now offers a 30% increase in light output – an average increase of 25 lumens per watt – and is 50% more efficient than its predecessor.

Designed with Samsung LED chips, Illumicare Group Limited’s LED 19MM T5 WEDGE lamps fit into hundreds of existing outdoor niche, deck, path and area lighting fixtures, which enables landscape lighting designers and installers to achieve immediate efficiencies in terms of reduced electrical consumption and maintenance without complicated lighting system upgrades or adjustments.

The LED 19MM T5 WEDGE lamp replaces a typical halogen 912, 918 and 921 bulb, operates below 40°C (104°F), and produces 200 or more lumens in a 3000 Kelvin (halogen equivalent) color temperature.

912, 918 & 921 Replacement
200 Lumens
1.8 Watts
19 mm x 39 mm

19MM T5 Wedge 3000K CIE Color Specification:

  • Chromaticity coordinates: x=0.4407 y=0.4184 / u=0.5275 v=5.099
  • Correlated color temperature: Tc = 3051K
  • Dominant Wavelength: λd = 581.0nm, Purity: 57.90%
  • Peak Wavelength: λp = 605.5nm, Semibreadth: Δλp = 143.6nm
  • Colorimetric: R=23.8% G=74.2% B=2.0%
  • Color Rendering Index: Ra=82.5
  • R1 = 80 R2 =87 R3 =95 R4 =82 R5 =79 R6 =84 R7 =87 R8 =64
  • R9 =14 R10 =72 R 11 =80 R12 =67 R13 =81 R14 =97 R15 =73
  • Luminous Flux: 201.3 lm
  • Light Efficiency: 94.08 lm/W

Download the LED 19MM T5 Wedge Spec Sheet Here