Illumicare Releases Anodized Aluminum Directional Outdoor Fixture

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Illumicare Releases Anodized Aluminum Directional Outdoor Fixture

Illumicare Group Limited, a manufacturer of brass, stainless steel and copper outdoor lighting fixtures for the landscape lighting industry, released its first aluminum fixture today. Specifically designed for outdoor lighting applications, Illumicare’s dual-coated black aluminum accent fixture offers unique durability and a sleek design that adds beauty and sustainability to any landscape lighting project.

The anodized aluminum directional light, The Shadow, is suited for both commercial and residential projects, and is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum (A360.0) offering superior strength and reliability. To ensure the highest durability possible, The Shadow is sealed with a hard anodized process and an electrophoresis coating is embedded into the metal to produce a smooth anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant surface. The combination of the inner and outer coatings creates a durable, long-lasting finish that protects the aluminum against the harshest environments.

“The Shadow is the only professional grade fixture with this exclusive dual-coating, not a painted finish that will peel or fade,” said Bob Golden, Senior Manager of Illumicare Group Limited. “Most aluminum outdoor accent fixtures offer only a thinly painted or powder-coated outer layer in various different shades to compliment the colors of home or commercial building. Very quickly, these painted finished begin to flake and peel with increased exposure to environmental elements. Once the paint layer begins to disintegrate, it exposes the metal directly to moisture, dust, and in some areas, salt or salt water. One this happens, the aluminum starts to corrode.”

The 8mm aluminum housing offers excellent heat dissipation, especially when paired with Illumicare’s LED MR16 lamps, which can be held securely in place with the included lamp bracket. To control light glare, the adjustable shroud can be secured in place easily with the quick-lock set screw. And the fixture also includes 36” of factory installed UL rated 18/2 lead wire.

The Shadow offers the following key features:

  • Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum A360.0
  • Aluminum sealed with a hard anodized process
  •  Electrophoresis coating embedded into the metal
  • Smooth anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant finish
  • A 7-year warranty on all parts

For more information about Illumicare’s anodized aluminum fixtures, visit The Shadow Page

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