Illumicare Offers Dual-Purpose Post Light to Outdoor Lighting Designers


Illumicare Offers Dual-Purpose Post Light to Outdoor Lighting Designers

Illumicare Group Limited, a manufacturer of brass, stainless steel and copper outdoor lighting fixtures for the landscape lighting industry, released its adjustable socket post light today. Specifically designed for outdoor lighting applications, Illumicare’s post light, Declan, can be used as a post light or outdoor sconce, depending on the lighting designers’ application.

Declan is constructed of acid-finished red brass and features an adjustable socket to increase, or decrease, the light output depending on your specific lighting needs. With the option to install this fixture as a post light or flip it vertically for a sconce light effect, Declan is the perfect option for pergolas, multi-level decks, and outdoor kitchen and sitting areas.

To get the desired amount of light without obtrusive glare – no matter how high or low it is mounted – Declan includes a T5 wedge (912, 918 & 921 replacement lamp) socket which can be loosened and moved up or down inside the fixture to completely hide longer lamps and change the beamspread to any setting between 24” to 120” wide.

“In the initial phases of developing our Declan fixture, we had so many ideas to create a post light that would solve the problems our lighting designers frequently encounter on the job site.  The only solution was to develop a fixture for multiple uses, multiple mounting heights and almost limitless light output,” said Bob Golden, Senior Manager of Illumicare Group Limited. “For steps and elevation changes, a 6 inch mounting height produces a 24 inch crescent light spread. For outdoor living spaces 36 inch mounting height the spread is about 6 feet long and 8 feet wide.  And for entranceways and pillars, a 54 inch height, the spread is almost 8 feet long and 10 feet wide.”

This fixture measures 3.34” x 3.27” with a 30 degree shroud for easy mounting under post caps or other small profile deck and hardscape features. Declan also includes eight feet of UL listed wire, a mounting template for easy installation, and a hollow cavity in the back allows you to hide a length of wire for future maintenance or socket replacement.

Illumicare’s Declan fixture offers the following features:

  • A 30° shroud with painted interior to reduce glare and increase light output
  • Adjustable socket to increase the lamp beamspread from 2 to 10 feet
  • Plastic template to ensure accurate mounting and fixture installation
  • Lifetime warranty on all fixture components, including the socket

For more information about Illumicare’s landscape lighting fixtures, visit Declan Brass Fixture Information.

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