LED MR11 15 to 45 Degree

MR11 Face

LED MR11 15 to 45 Degree

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With three different beamspreads for highlighting the texture of an accent piece, making a tree stand out against a dark night, or brightening your patio for outdoor entertaining, Illumicare’s new MR11 lamps are the only outdoor-rated, retrofit LEDs to offer all of these possibilities in one product. MR11-Side-with-Tool

Quickly adjust the intensity of the beamspread by selecting the spot, narrow flood, or flood collimator and inserting it into the lamp.

  • LED MR11 WW 1545200 – 250 Lumens
    3000K (Warm White)
    4 Watts
    35mm x 35mm
    (Tool Included)

Our MR11 LED lamps fit into hundreds of existing landscape and commercial lighting fixtures enabling immediate, seamless replacement.

Spectrum Information:

  • Chromaticity coordinates: x=0.4347 y=0.4067 / u=0.2480 v=0.5221
  • Correlated color temperature: Tc = 3059K
  • Dominant Wavelength: λd = 582.1nm, Purity: 52.60%
  • Peak Wavelength: λp = 601.0nm,
  • Semibreadth: ∆λp = 131.2nm
  • Colorimetric: R=23.8% G=74.0% B=02.2%
  •  Color Rendering Index: Ra=80.2 > R1 = 78 R2 =87 R3 =99 R4 =79 R5 =78 R6 =83 R7 =83 R8 =58 > R9 =0 R10 =70 R 11 =77 R12 =66 R13 =80 R14 =97 R15 =71
  • Luminous Flux: 227.9 lm
  • Light Efficiency: 60.14 lm/W
Please note: This product may cause interference with other devices. If interference occurs, change the location of the products involved.

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