Our finely-machined small path luminaire, Aphrodite, offers a sleek, compact design constructed of heavy-gauge copper,and includes a telescoping stem to increase the height ofthe fixture from 19 to 33 inches.  Aphrodite-Spec-Sheet

Aphrodite’s is a durable, discreet fixture with an innovative design which allows you to modify and control the light pattern produced to meet your lighting needs.

With two options for increasing the light intensity and spread, Aprodite is the perfect combination of style, and function to accommodate any path lighting application.

  • As your plant material grows, Aprodite’s telescoping stem allows you to adjust the height by 14 inches without using any tools.
  • Quickly increase or decrease the height of the lamp basket by threading the brass bushing up or down to control the light output and beamspread pattern.

Aphrodite’s clear glass lens offers superior 270° optics while protecting the lamp from moisture and debris.

This fixture is ideal for lighting paths and illuminating small plant material in low planter beds, architecture, or around hardscape borders.

  • Construction:    Heavy-Gauge Copper
  • Dimensions:    4” x 19 to 33”
  • Lamp:    LED 19mm G4 Bipin*
  • Wattage:    Maximum 20 Watts
  • Lens:    1/8“ Tempered Glass
  • Socket:    Ceramic MR16 Socket
  • Wire:    6’ UL Listed Lead Wire
  • Weight:    3.00 lbs
  • Includes:    9” Brass Stake
  • Voltage:   12V
  • *Lamp not included