Precision Engineered Integrated LED Coping LuminairePhoebe-Stainless

Phoebe, Illumicare’s integrated LED coping luminaire, is offered in two radiant finishes – marine-grade, 316 stainless steel or heavy gauge copper. This precision engineered luminaire provides a wide, soft, glare-free ambient lighting for hardscape elements in your outdoor living spaces.

When designing the perfect hardscape oasis, Phoebe offers wide, even lighting that creates ambiance, yet provides enough illumination for safe passage through the landscape. By clearly marking stairs, railings, edges, and retaining walls, Phoebe is perfect for illuminating hardscapes and structures with casual, safety lighting.

Phoebe-CopperThe integrated Samsung LED chips are powered by the same proprietary driver as our flagship MR16 lamps.

Phoebe’s flat tempered glass offers just enough light to create a private, comfortable atmosphere for an outdoor patio, built in spa, or outdoor kitchen, turning your landscape into the perfect place to relax or entertain.

Luminaire Mounting

Phoebe is mounted horizontally between surfaces using the flat stainless steel mounting bracket. This bracket can be inserted in existing structures or added to newly poured hardscape compounds. The luminaire can be unfastened from the mounting bracket by the two set-screws for easy maintenance or replacement.5-year-warranty

Download our Phoebe Spec Sheet