I wanted to send this along to you to let you know how happy I have been with the MR16 lamps that I got from you. I sat on the fence for the better part of a year, polling people in our industry about LED MR16’s. I kept running into the same resistance to the LED from them. I figured I would give them a test drive and decided that I would give them a shot in my own yard. Fortunately, I have a client that is always looking for LED type of lighting. (He’s from Europe so I guess it’s pretty common over there).

Needless to say, I have been exceptionally pleased with the performance of the lamps. I had a landscaper who used to do lighting for years – he backed away from it due to licensing in my state of Connecticut, but he does understand this field – come to my house to see the LED landscape lights.  As he walked into the yard, he asked me, “Where are the LED’s?” I should have said, “You tell me,” but I didn’t. I pointed them out to him and he couldn’t believe it. I was especially impressed when I used one of the LED lamps in a Stellar. He was floored too. He had installed a lot of Unique and he could not see the difference.

Additionally, I have used them with great success in one of my client’s TECH track lights. I am looking forward to more product releases and the opportunity to use them not only in the landscapes (which I am completely comfortable doing so), but also in magnetic low voltage applications inside the home.

Feel free to have anyone interested in these to call me for my opinion. It will be good, I promise.

Robert Isleib
RLI Electric LLC

Good Downlighting Lamp

[LED MR16 4000K 45° Wide Flood] Fits existing fixtures, good moonlighting color, and low/no maintenance cost. Great retrofit for downlighting applications.

LED BAB Replacement

[LED MR16 3000K 30° Narrow Flood] Perfect replacement lamp for a BAB.  Good beam control and color (a bit greener than BAB @11.0v).  I have 1 GE CC BAB and one of these lamps on each side of a crepe myrtle to compare (both are at 4,250hrs and running 24/7) and are virtually indistinguishable. My go-to retrofit lamp now.

Andy Thomas
Sacramento, CA