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Footlamberts Cover

Foot Lamberts – Explained

Written by John Higo Over the last year, we’ve alluded to dedicating an entire newsletter to explaining the difference between …

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Integra Works

Creating Layers of Light with LEDs

In professional landscape lighting, a well-designed outdoor living space usually consists of three layers of lighting: ambient, task and accent. …

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Watt Brightness

How Bright is a Watt?

Written by John Higo As a manufacturer of LED lamps, we are asked regularly if we sell a 3 Watt …

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Color Temperatures

LED Lamp Color Temperatures

By Raymond Josephian I have been designing landscape lighting systems since the early eighties, and nothing has excited me more …

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BAB Vs LED Newsletter

Can You Really Compare Apples to Pears?

Written by John Higo When considering LED lamps, most people automatically try to associate LED lamp output with what they …

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