TR Series 12V Outdoor Lighting Transformers

Transformer Feature Image

Download our 12V transformer information sheet here!

Illumicare’s multi-tap transformers are constructed of stainless steel and provide built-in protection against voltage drop, so you can install longer wire runs and more fixtures to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

>> Toroidal Core Transformer
>> Extra Large Terminal Strips
>> Magnetic Circuit Breakers
>> Stainless Steel Enclosures
>> Removable Latched Door
>> Timer and Photocell Outlets

Our solid toroidal cores ensure Illumicare’s transformers operate at a higher flux density than most standard multi-tap transformers.

For fast installation of secondary wire runs, each unit features removable doors, drop down bottoms in the wire compartment, and large spacious terminals to accommodate extra wire and multiple runs per circuit. All of our models feature 120V overload protection, as well as circuit protection on the low voltage side.


Product ID: TR150-1215
Input: 120V~ 60Hz 1.4A Max
Output: 150W – 12V~/13V~/14V~/15V~
Construction: Stainless Steel
Weight: 15 lbs
Dimensions: 420 x 167 x 153mm (16.54” x 6.57” x 6.02″)


Product ID: TR300-1215
Input: 120V~ 60Hz 2.5A Max
Output: 300W – 12V~/13V~/14V~/15V~
Construction: Stainless Steel
Weight: 22 lbs
Dimensions: 420 x 167 x 153mm (16.54” x 6.57” x 6.02″)


Product ID: TR600-1215
Input: 120V~ 60Hz 5A Max
Output: 600W – 12V~/13V~/14V~/15V~
(Two (2) 300W circuits)
Construction:Stainless Steel
Weight: 28 lbs
Dimensions: 420 x 167 x 153mm (16.54” x 6.57” x 6.02”)

Illumicare’s low voltage protection secures the fixtures and wires against overloading and electrical shorts.

The 120V accessory terminal allows you to add photocells, timers, and slave controls, as well as other hard wire accessories approved for low voltage transformer control.

All voltages on Illumicare’s multi-tap transformers are available simultaneously, allowing you to mix and match wire runs for even, consistent lighting levels in each line. Our multi-tap transformers also assist in error control and retrofitting.

If you ever need to include additional fixtures or wire runs in the future, our transformers offer you the flexibility of switching secondary fixture supply lines to a more powerful voltage instead of switching out the entire transformer.

Using Illumicare’s transformers to install energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, LED landscape lighting, gives you the option to use a smaller transformers and less wire, so you are free to build a system that can grow with the landscape.