LED Landscape Lighting

Our 6W MR16 lamp is rated for outdoor use and produces equivalent light to a 20W halogen, consuming less than 1/3 of the power. Efficient and moisture resistant for 40,000 hours.

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We offer the only full line of LED Miniature lamps available on the market today. From LED T5 wedge base lamps from path lights to wafer-style LED bipins for specialty lighting.

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No need to replace fixtures. Our lamps integrate seamlessly into your existing landscape design. Illumicare's LED lamps retrofit into almost 95% of available low voltage landscape lighting fixtures.

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Our LED chips are carefully selected to ensure accurate color temperature. Where other manufacturers offer bin ranges of up to 600K, we narrow it down to less than 100K for consistency in lighting design. (Shown: LED 2X MR16 Lamp - twice as bright as our 6W MR16)

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Not Just LEDs...

We also carry a variety of professional grade outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. Constructed of acid-finished brass, 8 mm copper, or 316 marine grade stainless steel.

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Why LED?

LED lamps are the perfect choice for landscape and commercial lighting. Find out why...

LED Lighting Products

Life-Long LED Products

Our unique LED lamp design reduces failures common to most LED lamp manufacturers. Check out our products page.

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Life Long Lighting Systems

Built to Impress

Heat is the number one enemy of LED lamps. Our lamps operate between 35-40°C – well below the rated maximum temperature.

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Sustainable Design

Complete Lighting Line

Illumicare offers more than just the best LED lamps available to landscape lighting professionals. Check out our 2017 catalogue.

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Built to Impress

Find a Distributor

You can purchase Illumicare’s LED lamps from many distributors across North America. Find a distribution location near you.

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